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“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most fools do.“
- Dale Carnegie

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At the age of 77, a very loyal Charlie Davis has been with Findlay Automotive Group for 54 years

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To say that Charlie Davis is loyal is certainly an understatement considering the fact that he has now worked for Findlay Auto for 54 years.
You might say that Charlie Davis is riding a quite a wave with Findlay Automotive Group considering that he just celebrated his 54th year with the company in June.
After more than a half of century soaking up the history of one of Nevada’s oldest independently-owned businesses, the 77 year-old Davis probably knows as much history about the company as anyone.
When Davis got wind that founder Pete Findlay needed someone to detail cars for Continental Import Motors at 1600 E. Fremont St., Davis walked all the way from downtown Las Vegas to get the job that paid about $95 a week.
Continental Motors would become known as Pete’s Used Cars before the group was awarded the Oldsmobile franchise May 21, 1961. Since then, the company now run by Findlay’s son, Cliff, has become entrenched not only in the car business but the community at the same time.
Now the company’s courier along with being the longest-tenured Findlay employee, Davis is literally part of the landscape with the company that has erupted in growth to include dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. He was only 23 years of age at the time he joined the company and had no idea that the car business would grow on him like it has in the past half century.

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It is well past time time that the violators of illegal fireworks be dealt with firmly in Southern Nevada
Date: July 20, 2014

An open letter to the representative of the Clark County Commission and the Las Vegas City Council:

A little alcohol, an old toilet and illegal fireworks add up to a bunch of crap.

Now that I have had a little time to simmer down from what seemed like a war zone in our neighborhood a few weeks ago, I have determined that it’s time to take a look at the safety of our community when the Fourth of July is planned for 2015.

You see, the Las Vegas valley was once again turned into a war zone when the celebration took place this year.  If you were perched up in the mountains west of Las Vegas, you could see that pockets all over the valley had fireworks, most of which were illegal.

As everyone in the Las Vegas Valley knows, the hot spots to buy illegal fireworks are in Pahrump at the Indian Reservation north of town near Moapa. Those who run the operations at each location apparently don’t ask questions when selling this stuff, which makes our city sound like the Middle East during a bombing.

While I’m not certain how the transactions are conducted at these fireworks stands on each end of the valley, I’d really like to know if the buyers of this stuff are required to show their drivers licenses.

I mean, if the buyers are returning to Las Vegas, it is obvious that the customers are going to set off their outlaw product in what is supposedly a region where they’re illegal. Even law firms defending those who terrorize neighborhoods with illegal fireworks freely post that Clark County forbids launching rockets, mortars and the rest into the skies of Southern Nevada.

Pets are terrified and so are residents every year when the Fourth of July rolls around. Worse yet, members of the military suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are reminded of their labors of war in Afghanistan and Iraq in what actually serves as a reminder of their combat in the Middle East.

Photographer Tom Donohue captures the real way that fireworks should be observed.

In speaking with former Las Vegas City Councilman Mike McDonald the other day, he informed me the fine for launching illegal fireworks in Clark County is only a few hundred bucks in most cases. In another words, there are no teeth in the penalty which obviously needs to be overhauled before someone else’s family member gets hurt thanks to a fire started by these clowns who have no consideration at all for their fellow citizens.

One friend of ours even spoke of a horrific accident in Ohio where a bottle rocket went out of control before flying through the window of a residence and burned a baby.

You see, while we have our problems here, other neighborhoods throughout the country are also bemoaning the annual implosion of communities. What is supposed to be a fun evening in the Las Vegas Valley is turning into a mess that even a good rain storm couldn't  stop. The legal fireworks are awesome, but the illegal activities fueled by excessive alcohol and the rest are out of control.

In the southwest portion of the Las Vegas Valley, the illegal fireworks were endless. We have some clowns behind us setting them off until the wee hours, so I paid them a visit the next morning when they were in their cul-de-sac cleaning up the mess that was made the night before.

I sauntered down the street to ask the man and his wife who was responsible for setting off illegal fireworks.

“Our grandchildren were here,” the guy said.

“Oh really,” I responded. “So were you aware that your grandchildren were setting off illegal fireworks that are not only dangerous for humans, but also the houses in the immediate area? And furthermore, do you realize the legal ramification you will face if anyone or anything is affected in any way by your practices?”

It was at that point that I received an answer that seems be repeated all over the country at this point.

“Well, everyone was doing it last night,” the guy said with no apparent care whatsoever for the well-being of property, humans, pets and military. “We weren’t hurting anything.”

And that’s precisely my point. There is no respect for the law because the penalties are minimal especially when you consider that some rapper blew up pallets full of illegal fireworks just south of us.

If nothing else, the fines for this should stretch from the distributors to the buyer and the rest. Make it a $2,500 fine and don’t take a penny less. I mean, if nothing else, it’s a great profit generator as the City of Las Vegas and Clark County continue to pull themselves out of the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression.

And come to think of it, if there is a fine for stupidity and a lack of concern for mankind, their pets and the rest, make that one $5,000. Hell, you could right-side your budgets on one evening considering some of these uncaring and inconsiderate morons just in Southern Nevada.

In this particular case, the evidence of arrogance and disrespect is rampant. It’s almost like a level of domestic terrorism that has overwhelmed law enforcement and left residents crying out for help.

Interestingly enough, I’m hearing that the border cops heading into California stop vehicles prior to July 4th considering that many cars are filled with illegal fireworks.  You can just imagine the backups as authorities attempt to protect their neighborhoods from illegal fireworks that just happen to many times be purchased in either Pahrump or at the Indian Reservation.

Lord knows we’re not the only ones calling on your help. The mere fact that we survived a horrible house fire that had nothing to do with illegal fireworks in 2002 is a story of its own, and we’d sure appreciate a little help in preventing against such a thing again.

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